Misplaced utterance by Tarun Gogoi

This is in reference to the news item published in a local daily on 21st of June, 2016 regarding the killing of a second rhino, during the tenure of the new government. Mr Tarun Gogoi, the ex-chief minister of Assam has criticised the new government for failing to stop killing of rhinos by poachers. These are bizarre and despicable comments made by Mr Gogoi about the sincere effort made by the present government to stop the killing of rhinos immediately after assuming power in Dispur. Mr Gogoi should remember it well that hundreds of rhinos were killed in Kaziranga and other places by poachers, during his tenure as CM, with the connivance of some powerful people. But he did not utter a single word against the killing of rhinos. In fact, it was his prime duty to sack his former colleague Rakibul Hussain for failing to curb the killing of rhinos. Now he has no right to criticize the actions of the new government. It is pertinent to mention here that Gaurav Gogoi, present MP, seems to have abetted the killing of rhinos by commenting “rhinos are also killed in South Africa”.

Mr Gogoi should remember it well that this Augean stable created during his tenure, is so huge that it would take stupendous effort and time by any government to clean it up completely. Better Tarun Gogoi should desist from making any loose comments, as he did during his tenure, on the endeavour of the present government to refurbish the image as well as health of the State.

Prafulla Dowarah,

Momaikata Garh and APSC Chairman

While we are vocal about Akhil Gogoi raising hue and cry on certain issues or rather at the drop of a hat, all his protests cannot be brushed aside as non-issues. This time, he has raised his stentorian voice against Rakesh Paul, the APSC chairman. During the last Congress regime, Paul’s dubious modus operandi reached the zenith. Bowing before consistent public demand, the previous government ordered a prelimiry inquiry conducted by the directorate of vigilance and anti-corruption of Assam Police. It later transpired that Mr Paul, his wife and his brother had acquired many properties after Mr Paul became APSC chairman. The media, at that point of time, was publishing and telecasting a series of irregularities resorted to by this man, with the help of some invisible political heavyweights. People of Assam were under the  impression that with the change of guard at Dispur, tainted officials one after another, would be shown the door, but we are surprised that the new ruling dispensation still allows this tainted man to continue as the APSC chairman, knowing fully well about his past black career. Now, by commenting that even God cannot declare APSC exam result within 3 hours of interview, Paul is challenging the Chief Minister. This comment obviously is tantamount to derision of our Chief Minister. Rakesh Paul’s audacity reminds one of the anecdote of Lachit Borphukan prompted to behead his materl uncle for his ibility to complete the Momaikata Garh within the night to check the Mughals. We appeal, through this column of your esteemed daily to our Chief Minister to remove Mr Rakseh Paul before long from the post of Chairman, APSC, for the greater interest of the people of Assam.

Ashok Bordoloi,

Subansiri project  

Much deliberations with different views as well as articles, write-ups, letters as to the construction of Lower Subansiri hydro-electric power project have appeared for a long period. Different experts’ groups have given diverse views on the topic, but no solution has emerged. So, different expert groups should sit together inviting renowned world experts, specalists having practical experience as well as modern technical knowledge and find a practical solution on the basis of modern design criteria after visiting the site and getting actual correct field data, instead of wasting time and huge money.  The government should  arrange this and let the project be  restarted. But I think there may be loopholes or misappropriation of money during execution in respect of  specification and quality of materials used in the construction,which is the vital thing to be looked into seriously and proper monitoring to be done for success of the project.

Putul Sarma,
Bamgaon, Biswath Chariali.