Who are the hotheads in Kamakhya Dham?

I, with a friend of mine (we are senior citizens) went to Kamakhya Dham on 24th June during Ambubashi.  As soon as we reached the foothills of Kamakhya at around 11.30 a.m, we came to know that bus services to Kamakhya have been discontinued. The stated reason was that there had been ‘uncontrollable’ rush of devotees. However, the real beauty of the administration lies in controlling the uncontrollable situation only. The escapist attitude of the state administration was quite reprehensible. Filly, we ventured to journey to Kamakhya Dham on foot along with other devotees.  In fact, we did not encounter any unruly devotees on the way. Discontinuing bus services was obviously a lame excuse!

On the way we found a lot of drinking water booths, but not a drop of water to drink. Keeping the inventory/stock of water for 24 x 7 was the responsibility of the administration. In the hot summer, nobody can wait for water for hours to refill the water stock.  The roadside was stinking as well. After completing our obeisance at the Kamakhya Dham, we were allowed to make exit through a rrow dirty lane. It was indeed, torturous!

To our utter surprise, when we reached the place outside the temple complex where we had kept our shoes, we saw our shoes swept aside like a heap of garbage by some people in hand carts to be dumped in unknown location. In such a situation, nobody can locate his or her shoe. I lost my shoe which cost 4,500 rupees. I had to come walking barefoot to catch a bus at the foothill to come back to Rukminigaon. I only know the pain and mortification I had to undergo while walking from the top of Kamakhaya hill to the main road. There had been no stampede of any kind. Why did the temple magement take such drastic measures? Who was the hot-headed person in Kamakhya Dham passing instruction to humiliate humble devotees by throwing out their shoes? Can they dare to do the same to the shoes of ‘VIPs’? Who would apologize for such wrongdoings? Disgusting!

Deepak Majumder,