Spare the rod

Pampering of their children by almost all the parents has become a common phenomenon now-a-days. Effort to shape up the future of the children by parents is an obsession for all of them. In their endeavour to do so, some parents spoil their children. The English saying goes ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’. We note with concern that a good number of drug addicts are found to have their origins due to such parents who pamper their children in ample measure. But at the same time, a section of teachers become very much strict on their students, so much so that recently a teacher in a high school near Dibrugarh (Kotoha) killed a student after beating him up black and blue, if news papers reports are anything to go by. This is not an isolated instance. There are myriad of such instances of beating up by insane teachers, but there is no report of death. Some High/Higher Secondary school-going children often complain that their parents are constantly after them, mounting tremendous pressure for better result and sometimes it takes its toll too.

Ashok Bordoloi,