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7 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Papua New Guinea and Bali

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A 7 magnitude earthquake hits 200km south-west of Rabaul and also triggers a tsunami warning. Moreover, another 6 magnitude tremor jolts Bali the same day.

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck remote New Britain Island in Papua New Guinea. As reported by the United States Geological Survey the Papua New Guinea earthquake has no news of immediate damage.

Constable Roy Michael, speaking from the Rabaul police station, told the media, “We felt the earthquake a bit, but it was not too strong.”

Although, as per the police report, there is no damage in the town, they are unable to contact the people living in the villages closer to the epicentre.

As per the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre reports possibilities are there that the earthquake may cause waves less than 30cm high on coastlines in Papua New Guinea and the neighbouring Solomon Islands. On the other hand, Australia’s Tsunami Warning Centre said that its coastlines were not at risk.

Although the initial earthquake was recorded with a magnitude of 7.3, it was immediately followed by at least two aftershocks with a magnitude greater than 5.

Being one of the world’s poorest countries, Papua New Guinea, the geologically active Pacific ring of fire, is still recovering from a 7.5 quake that hit some 900km to the west in February. This earthquake had killed at least 100 people.