73 Police Stations in Assam to Get Facelift under Mission of Overall Improvement of Thana for Responsive Image (MOITRI) Scheme



GUWAHATI, Aug 8: In the first phase of Assam government’s Mission of Overall Improvement of Thana for Responsive Image (MOITRI) scheme, a total of 73 police stations from across the state are currently getting a face-lift. There are a total of 346 police stations in the state – all of which are to undergo revamp under the project in a period of just 5 years. The first phase kicked off in December 2017, with 73 police stations earmarked to be renovated in two batches of 39 and 34 each. Under the first phase, the government has allocated a total amount of over 189 crore INR which will be used to redevelop these 73 police stations within a year. A source from the Assam Police Housing Corporation (APHC) informed The Sentinel that the work for first phase is expected to be completed much before time. He further added that the second phase is expected to begin in three months time. Under MOITRI scheme, government has categorized the police stations into metro, town and rural as these will be refurbished into 2 phases – 28 numbers of stations have been identified as green field (new construction) and the remaining 45 as brown field.