AAPSU seeks appointment of regular Governor


Itagar, Feb 22: The All Aruchal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) in a representation submitted to Union Home Minister Rajth Singh on February 20 last, demanded for appointment of a regular Governor in the state.

“The recent glaring example of succeeding governors in the state whereby one was severely reprimanded by the Supreme Court of India for his constitutiol faux pas while the other one landed himself in a trouble that was unbecoming of a person holding such a high constitutiol post,” the AAPSU said in its representation while seeking the central government to act on its demands.

It said that by not appointing a governor, the Centre was showing its slackness and non-seriousness.

It further asked the centre to come up with a solution to the decades-old Chakma Hajong refugee issue. The AAPSU further informed the minister that the Chakma Hajong refugees in the state have started forming armed groups with the recent arrest of many cadres from the community.

“The Chakma and Hajong refugees are also actively involved in many illegalities like drug trafficking. However, in the eyes of intertiol community, they have painted the Aruchalees as oppressors, suppressors of their rights whereas the reality at the ground depicts altogether a different story,” the representation said.

The apex students’ body of the state also sought early solution to Assam-Aruchal boundary problem.

“In spite of the committee set up by the Supreme Court for hammering out a permanent solution to the issue and to uphold status quo, we have been witnessed to number of conflicts, skirmishes and violence in the interstate boundary area between Assam and Aruchal, thus hampering the peace and tranquillity of people living along the boundary,” the AAPSU said.

It also asked for a new impetus to the boundary issue to bring a permanent solution more so when all the three governments in the two states and centre are being run by BJP.