ACKHSA questions abnormal delay in publication of results

Assam University

Special Correspondent
Silchar, April 27: All Cachar-Karimganj-Hailakandi Students’ Association (ACKHSA) has been concerned at the abnormal delay in the publication of TDC results by Assam University, overlooking the UGC’s mandate to declare it within 45 days of the completion of examination. The examination branch of the University has been at the centre of criticism for taking too much time to wall up the results. Citing specific instances, the memorandum of the Association submitted today to the Vice-Chancellor in his office chamber, it has been pointed out the TDC odd semester examination of 2017 concluded on December 26, 2017, but its results were declared on April 2, 2018, taking almost 95 days for publication.
The TDC odd semester examination of 2016 was declared after 180 days. This reflects starkly on the sorry state of affairs in the Assam University. Further the results of TDC even semester examinations of 2017 were declared after 70 days. It has been a trend of the part of the Controller of Examinations to defer the examination schedule of all the semesters. This quite naturally badly tells upon the declaration of results and eventually the candidates seeking admission in post graduate courses face lot of hurdles. This also disturbs the calendar of PG courses of the University.
The delay in publication of odd semester results further creates problem during re-evaluation. As a rule, a student cannot appear in 5th semester if he has more than five back papers till the 4th semester. The process of re-evaluation of 4th semester was concluded at a time when the examination form fill up for the 5th semester was over. ACKHSA apprehends this year also same will happen. It has also come to the notice of the Association that honours scripts of many subjects are being evaluated and scrutinized by University teachers who are not conversant with the TDC curriculum.
In view of these glaring anomalies and irregularities, ACKHSA demands that the odd semester examination should begin in April and end positively by May 10 and similarly the even semester examination should begin in November and conclude by December 20. Results should be declared positively within 45 days after the completion of examinations. Honours scripts should be examined and scrutinized only by the college teachers and not by the university teachers. System of internal assessment should be positively introduced from the session 2018-19. TDC syllabus needs to be updated immediately. As per UGC mandate, syllabus should be changed after every 3 years.
But unfortunately, the present syllabus was introduced in 2005-06 session and since then the same has been continuing in violation of UGC direction. ACKHSA demands the immediate change of TDC syllabus from the academic session 2018-19. Another demand raised by ACKHSA is to change the syllabus frequently which will enable the students to participate in enriched academic exercises and expose them to diverse perspectives and mentors. This meets the demands of fast-paced upgradation which provide substantial benefits, and thus is essential to the University’s focus on quality education.