ACYA demands arrest of youth

Chit fund fraud

LAKHIMPUR, April 22: The North Lakhimpur police have not arrested the youth who were involved with the chit fund company Aid Life Benefit Fund Nidhi Limited alias Dhubulia Aid Life Mahila Swanirbhar Welfare Society, alleged the Anti-Corruption Youth, Assam (ACYA) at a press meet held at North Lakhimpur Press Club on Saturday. The organization demanded arrest of the youth who went into hiding with the money collected by the field executives appointed by the company, amounting to more than Rs 12 lakh.
ACYA raided the office of the company located at Ward No 8 on April 18 and handed over its self-styled State Inspector Johirul Islam to North Lakhimpur Police. Later, police arrested him and sent him to jail. But his assisting staff – Akbor Ali, Soriful Islam, Muskur Ahmed and another youth went into hiding with the collected cash which was not deposited in the bank accounts. Though the organization lodged an FIR against the youth vide Case No. 396/18/IPC/420/405/468 at North Lakhimpur Police Station, the police initiated no steps to arrest them.
As a result, the cash collected by the Field Executives cannot be recovered to pay back to the victim SHGs. Under such circumstances, the field executives who got appointment in the company by depositing Rs 10,000 to Rs 40,000 were in a fix as they had to face the wrath of the SHG members who demanded their money back. Around 40 field executives collected Rs. 220 from each SHG member of the district with the promise of granting loan from the company. The ACYA demanded North Lakhimpur Police to arrest the culprits in order to recover the misappropriated money.