After pat on cheek sparks outrage, TN Governor apologizes

 Chennai, April 18: Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit on Wednesday apologized to a woman journalist whose cheeks he patted after a press conference, triggering widespread criticism. In a letter to the journalist, Lakshmi Subramanian, which was circulated to the media, Purohit said: “I wish to express my regret and my apologies to assuage your sentiments that have been hurt.” Purohit said: “You had asked a question when we had got up and were proceeding to leave after the close of the press conference (on Tuesday).” “I considered that question to be a good one. Therefore, as an act of appreciation for the question that you had posed, I gave a pat on your cheek considering you to be like my granddaughter,” he said.

Purohit said he himself has been a journalist for about 40 years. “I do understand from your mail that you are feeling hurt about the incident. I wish to express my regret and my apologize to assuage your sentiments that have been hurt.”
Reacting to Purohit’s letter, Subramanian tweeted: “Your Excellency, I have with me your letter expressing regret at what happened at the press conference in Chennai… I accept your apology even though I am not convinced about your contention that you did it to appreciate a question I asked.” (IANS)