Appoint indigenous people in educatiol institutions, demands HYC

SHILLONG, Feb 2: The Hynniewtrep Youths Council (HYC), Shillong City, on Thursday held a meeting with the Pro-Vice Chancellor Mukesh Saxe of University of Technology and Magement (UTM) Shillong, demanding appointment of local indigenous people in its educatiol institution. The Council has informed that in the coming days they will be holding similar meetings with other universities coming from outside and operating in the city to demand that first preference should be given to the local youths for employment. Speaking to reporters after meeting the Pro-Vice Chancellor, John N Lyngdoh vice president HYC Shillong City said, “The reason which has prompted us to take this step is because we have observed that many private universities from outside the state operating in the city usually employ people from outside, hence we have demanded that the university should employ the locals in the university be it in any department.” Informing on the discussion between the Council leaders and the Pro-Vice Chancellor, he, however, said that Pro-Vice Chancellor has informed them that at present around 75 percent of the employees at the university are locals from the state. “First preference should always be given to the locals as in this present day and age we also have many indigenous youths who are qualified to be lectures, teachers, instructors etc.,” he said.