Army to launch flood relief training


RANGIA, June 24: The Rangia based Red Horn Division of under the aegis of the GAJRAJ Corps of Army’s Eastern Command with support from Head Quarters Eastern Air and Eastern val Commands, 101 Area and rangi based 51 Sub Area, is all set to launch this mega exercise – Exercise Jalrahat, orchestrated by Indian Army and Eastern Command to carry out realistic training in providing flood relief to the citizens of an urban centre like Guwahati.

Exercise Jalrahat will actively involve the participation of Assam State Administration, tiol Disaster Relief Force Units, Assam State Disaster Magement Authority, Guwahati Municipal Corporation and Para Military Forces like CRPF and SSB.

The Assam State Administration has infact undertaken great efforts towards the successful conduct of this exercise. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s), helicopters of the Indian Air Force and Army Aviation and Divers from the Indian vy and Elite Special Forces of the Indian Army will participate in Exercise Jalrahat to demonstrate use of potent capabilities and modern technology to assist in Disaster Magement effort.

The UAV’s will be used to detect people trapped in flood waters and reconissance of flood affected areas from an elevated platform, use of helicopters for rescue and relief operations and distribution of relief material to iccessible areas and the divers will lead the effort of rescue of people from the water.

The flood relief operations practiced and validated during the course of this exercise will act as a readily available knowledge resource for execution of flood relief actions tiolly along the length and breadth of the country and will act as ready material for periodical updating of the NDMP 2016.

“We cannot stop tural disasters but we can arm ourselves with knowledge, so many lives wouldn’t have to be lost if there was enough disaster preparedness,” said an official.