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’Aspire for supreme power not beauty contest’– Vijoya Urmalia

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Silchar, January 9: Vijoya Urmalia, now in her 23 years of age, hailing from an obscure village of Chhatisgarh, has been on 45 days of ’spiritual mission’ across the three districts of Cachar, Karimganj and Hailakandi since December 17, preaching and giving discourses on ’Ram Katha’. So far she has covered three tea estates and will wind up her sublime tour on January 30.

She took her time off from the busy schedule to talk to the media–persons today here and in course of her interaction, she expressed her resentment at the way young girls have been making beeline for beauty contests and laying more stress on cosmetic make ups to show their talent. He advised women in general for meditation and yogic exercises along with reading of our ancient treasure–troves of Hindu culture, spiritual thoughts and ideas as well as tradition.

"This would give them the strength and spirit, physically and mentally, and generate sublime feelings to attain supreme power." It was her own experience and today she was content and happy to gain what she had achieved. She used to attend and listen regularly to ’Ram Katha’. Her keen interest in Sanskrit made her participate in recitations in the language at the school and college levels and won laurels and applauds.

Behind her moral and spiritual shaping was her family background and her father learned Krishdutta himself is a man of knowledge and regularly giving talks on Ram–Katha.  She regards reading and discussion of Ram Katha as holy like the Ganges with power to uplift one morally. "One has to be devoted to holy scriptures and books despite all engagements". This is also the best way to turn oneself away from worldly attachments and allurements in order to surrender before God. This at the same time dispels from mind and thought the feeling of envy, anger and jealousy, so despicable in human life. That drives us away from God.

Till date, Vijoya Urmalia has given discourses on Ram Katha in 101 places across 7 states of the country which include Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Odisha, Rajasthan and Assam. Besides giving talks on Ram Katha, she also delivers her discourse on Devi Puran. Her next programme for talks on Devi Puran will be in Bangkok and other places of Thailand. Along with giving talks on religious books, she also is a prolific reader of scriptures and does deep studies on them.

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