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Awareness Campaigns can Help in Saving Families: Theilin Phanbuh

Theilin Phanbuh
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SHILLONG: The Meghalaya State Women Commission (MSCW) is often flooded with applications for maintenance from women abandoned by their husbands, chairperson Theilin Phanbuh said. While expressing concern over the ever-increasing instances of women being deserted by their husbands, Phanbuh said that the main cause of such cases is due to early marriage.

“Such women come to the Commission after being left by their husbands and having to fend for their children on their own,” Phanbuh said.

The MSCW Chairperson said that in most of such cases the Commission helps the women to get their maintenance. “However, if the husband refuses to pay the maintenance, we send the matter to the court. But that path is resorted to only with the consent of the woman concerned  as some may not want to take the legal route,” Phanbuh said.

She further said that the Commission is trying its best to bring down such cases by organizing awareness programmes. “Once they enter into marriage after a certain period of time misunderstanding develops.  It’s a matter of concern since marriage is the cornerstone of a strong society,” Phanbuh stated. riage’

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