Awareness meeting against superstitions

A Correspondent

Boko, June 23: An awareness meeting on superstitions was conducted by KK Handique State Open University in collaboration with Boko Jawaharlal Nehru College at Boko Jawaharlal Nehru College auditorium.

The awareness meeting was titled ‘Puhar Bisari’ (In search of light). The meeting was presided over by KKHSOU Vice-Chancellor Dr Hitesh Deka and attended by the Chief Minister’s press adviser Hrisikesh Goswami, Assam Police DIG (special branch) Pallav Bhattacharya, Birubala Rabha, a social activist and a part of the mission against superstitions, actress Moloya Goswami, mental health specialist Dr. Jayanta Das and RHAC executive member Sumit Rabha.
 The main objective of the meeting was to fight against superstitions by creating awareness among people, especially those in backward areas.

DIG (special branch) Pallav Bhattacharya said, “Nowadays through social media miscreants are successful in spreading rumours. That is why most of the time police are unable to react on time. But users of social media should carefully monitor everything and should not react unnecessarily.”