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Bangladesh Students’ Protest Over Road Safety Heats Up in an Attempt to Curb the Rising Accidents Numbers

Dhaka : Student-led protests against the lack of respect for traffic regulations and increasing road accidents have heated up in Bangladesh, with violent outbreaks across the country. The students poured onto the streets here for the seventh straight day on Saturday, occupying its main intersections and paralyzing traffic, Efe news reported.

No details about the number of people injured in the clash have been given. The demonstrations began after two youths were run over and killed while several others were injured by a bus on July 29. It is common in Bangladesh for people without licenses to drive and the traffic is massive, which leads to several road accidents. According to the National Committee for the Protection of Ships, Highways, and Railroads, 4,289 people died in 2017 including 539 children, in 3,472 traffic accidents in Bangladesh, while 9,112 people were injured. (IANS)

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