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Bank of historic Rudrasagar breached


Sentinel Digital Desk


SIVASAGAR, Oct 12: A bizarre scene was seen at Rudrasagar near Joysagar in Sivasagar district on Tuesday afternoon when a portion of southern bank of historic Rudrasagar tank was breached following which waters flooded hundred of hectres of paddy fields. With time passed on the pressure of the gushing water further widened the breach. The paddy fields of historic Jerenga, Rupahi, mdongia and a vast area under Salaguri. Rudrasagar and Mogorahat Gaon Panchayats were flooded.

According to locals, plying of heavy vehicles of ONGC damaged the banks of tank which led to breakage of the portion.

Leaders of Rudrasagar Regiol unit of AJYCP blamed the district administration and ONGC authorities for the incident. "Had they taken proper measures, the bank would not have breached." We have submitted memorandums to district administration several times, but action taken from their end had not been brought to our notice till today, they alleged. They also alleged that no response had been shown both from the district administration and ONGC authorities towards the incident since it occurred.

Since the people of the area are mostly dependent on agriculture, they fear to face starvation. Meanwhile, the turalists also feared the damage of the historic Shiva temple located beside the tank.

Rudrasagar tank was dug in the year 1773 by the Ahom King Lakshmi Singha in memory of his father King Rudra Singha, from whom the me Rudrasagar is derived.

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