Call to preserve and uphold Bathou religion

From a Correspondent

TANGLA, Jan 31: The 26th annual conference of  Udalguri district committee All Bathou Mahasabha and silver jubilee of Khagrabari Anchalik Committee was jointly organized with a four-day long cultural, religious and literary extravagance at Rangjali Gathwn Maino Fwthar in Khagrabari of Udalguri. Thousands of devotees of Bathaou from different parts of Northeast and visitors thronged the venue and witnessed the exhibition of handicraft,decorative items and handloom products.

A long aroi which was over 100 metres, was also on display in the exhibition. Besides, cultural groups from Bhutan and Italy also made the event graceful. On the concluding day event on Tuesday, an open session was also held which was iugurated by Lmwshrao Daimari, EM of BTC. Speaking on the occasion, Daimari said, “Bodos have a distinct rich culture and tradition.” He urged the people to preserve their culture, identity, tradition and language to survive in the world of globalization. Daimari urged the people to preserve and uphold the Bathou religion.

He also laid emphasis on strengthening the bond of Mongolian-origin people residing around the globe. “We have to be united and maintain our identity, tradition and culture,” Daimari added.

The programme was attended by Dr Liladhar Brahma, president of All Bathaou Mahasabha as chief guest, Satish Ch. Ramchiary as appointed speaker and Hiren Mech and Amulya Mech president and Ssecretary of Mech-Kachari Public Organization, Dimapur. Those who attended the open session as distinguished guests included Alindra Musahary, EM of BTC, Dhiren Boro, president of NDFB (P), Deputy Speaker Nerswn Boro, and Maheswar Boro, MLA of Kalaigaon LAC.

Around 30,000 Bathou devotees also held a community prayer for world peace. Local cultural troupes of Bodo-Mech community from galand and Bhutan enthralled the audience. Delegates from Nepal and also from States like West Bengal, galand and Meghalaya, apart from various parts of Assam, thronged the Bathou Mahasabha venue.