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Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to Take Over Muzaffarpur Rape Cases: says Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

File Photo of Nitish Kumar

On Thursday, the director general of police was ordered by the CM of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, to hand over the inquiry of all the rape cases of 29 girls in the Muzaffarpur shelter home to the CBI. On Wednesday, the State Director General of Police, KS Dwivedi, stated that it was not necessary to hand over the case to the central agency.

13 of the 14 medical reports of the inmates are yet to be received by the police. On Wednesday, the police also informed that one of the inmates of the state-run shelter alleged that a girl’s body was buried on the premises.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, an accusation was made by the wife of an accused official against the husband of State Social Welfare Department Minister, Kumari Manju Verma that he was a frequent visitor at the shelter home and “spent long hours” in the girls’ room.

Shiv Kumari Singh said that her husband Ravi Kumar Raushan, Child Protection Officer, has been framed. She said that it was the minister’s husband who keeps on visiting with department officials. He would spend hours with the girls upstairs and make the department officials sit on the ground floor. The accuser had requested Nitish Kumar to order a CBI inquiry.

Though her husband stated that he had visited the home only once in the last 2 years, after his wife became the minister, the children said to the police officers that a man and a politician sexually assaulted them and used to visit the shelter home.