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Comey ‘broke norms but not biased’, says agency report

Washington, June 15: A highly anticipated US Department of Justice report accuses ex-FBI Director James Comey of being “insubordinate” but not politically biased. Inspector General Michael Horowitz said he had broken “dramatically from FBI and department norms” in handling an inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s emails, BBC reported. Clinton has blamed Comey for her election loss to Donald Trump in 2016. The report also reveals Comey used a private email account to conduct official FBI business. FBI director Christopher Wray said he accepted the report’s findings but he added that nothing in the report pointed towards political bias or impugned the FBI as an institution. In his report, the Inspector General criticised Comey’s decision to reveal publicly a week before the election that he had reopened the inquiry into Clinton’s emails, rejecting Comey’s argument that he had acted in the interests of transparency. (IANS)