Congress supporting forces which are trying to break the nation: BJP


New Delhi, June 22: In an scathing attack on Congress and its President Rahul Gandhi, the BJP on Friday said that the party is supporting the forces which are trying to break the country and has now designed its politics in “sync” with the terrorists and their patrons. The BJP’s attack came after Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad reportedly said that the Army operations in Jammu and Kashmir have killed more civilians than terrorists, triggering a controversy and prompting the Centre’s ruling party to demand action against him. Terming Azad’s statement was “irresponsible, shameful and deeply regrettable”, it asked the Congress leadership to clarify “what action they are planning” against him. “This is a new Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi and supported by Sonia Gandhi which is supporting the forces which are trying to break the country.

“Given the senior Congress leaders’ pathological hatred towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP, they have stooped to this extent where they are seeking to compromise the courage and respect of the armed forces,” Prasad said. “Today what the Congress leaders are saying is being supported by the LeT. What kind of politics is this? Congress is standing with those who are trying to break the country,” said Prasad. (IANS)