Demand to develop Raichai Rural Stadium by Brihattar Asomiya Yuba Mancha

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A Correspondent

DEMOW, July 21: Under the leadership of Jadumoni Kalita, president, and Jaan Barua, assistant secretary of Brihattar Asomiya Yuba Mancha (BAYM), Demow Town Committee, a memorandum was submitted to the Demow Circle Officer on July 20. In the memorandum, the BAYM Demow Town Committee stated that Asia’s largest rural stadium in Raichai under Thowra constituency was one-and-half km away from Demow Chariali. Due to the poor condition of the Raichai Rural Stadium, players who come for practice from various places of the constituency faced problems.The BAYM Demow Town Committee further stated that the Demow Public Playground was also in a poor condition. The governing body of Demow Public Playground collects money during different events organized in Demow Public Playground for the development of the playground but not much development has taken place. The BAYM Demow Town Committee has demanded proper steps for the development of Demow Public Playground and Raichai Rural Stadium.