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Demand to reopen murder case of Afghan citizen and his employee

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JOYSAGAR, April 28: The brutal murder of an Afghan citizen and one of his employees in the heart of Sivasagar town on June 2, 2014 had created much sensation at that time. The mysterious murder took place in the rented house of the Afghan, Noor Mohamad Khan and his employee Abul Khan in the Babupatty area of the town.
They were stabbed several times with sharp weapons and police recovered their bodies a day after the incident and the killers had smashed the CCTV cameras before committing the crime.  Following the murder, a case was registered in the Sivasagar Sadar Police Station. But the then I/O and also the OC of Sivasagar PS allegedly misdirected the police investigation it was alleged that the OC had received a hefty amount of money from some group as bribe.
The OC and also the I/O stopped the police investigation. To satisfy the family members of the deceased, the corrupt police officer and his team arrested the housemaid of the Afghan along with another employee at that time but police were not able to prove their involvement in the murder in the court. Thus, the mysterious murder of the noted businessman of the town remained unsolved due to a section of Sivasagar Police. If the police investigation had been led in the right direction at that time, the police would have succeeded in catching hold of the murderers. Since 2014, altogether four Superintendents of Police (SPs) have served in this district but the murder case file of the Afghan was never re-opened.
Conscious citizens of Sivasagar have again demanded that the case should be re-opened so that the real culprits can been arrested and punished as per law. They have also demanded that the murder should be investigated by the CID.

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