Detained Huawei CFO Meng Wangzhou Speaks Out In Letter To Employees

Meng Wangzhou


Ottawa: Meng Wangzhou, the Chief Financial Officer of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei who has been detained in Canada since last December, has written to the company’s 188,000 employees to thank them for the support she says has filled her “with power”. Meng Wangzhou is awaiting a hearing on her possible extradition to the US, where she faces federal charges in New York for her role in an alleged scheme by Huawei to circumvent American sanctions on Iran, CNN reported on Tuesday.

 The case against Meng Wangzhou was filed amid a broader campaign against the Chinese tech company by the US government, which claims Huawei’s networking equipment poses a national security threat. The company also faces charges in Seattle that it tried to steal trade secrets from T-Mobile. Meng and Huawei have pleaded not guilty across the board.

Meng said in her letter that she had been encouraged by messages of support posted in the Huawei forum and the sight of former employees lining up outside the court in Vancouver.  (IANS)