Dhubri district administration takes action against publishing house

A Correspondent
Bongaigaon, May 20: The guidebook Sohoj Byakoron aru Rosona mentions that there are 12 types of Bihu. The district administration of Dhubri has taken rapid action against the publishing house for this. Sohoj Byakoron aru Rosona is published by the New Muhammadian Pustakalaya. A team led by magistrate Bistirno Baruah raided the publishing house. After enquiry, it was found that the publishing house did not have permit for publishing. The proprietor Yunus Ali illegally published several handbooks for school level. Several books were seized during this raid.

After publication of this news, several organizations including Axam Xahitya Xabha and AJYCP demanded immediate action against the publishing house, following which the raid was done. Talking to the media, Bistirno Barua, Election Officer of Dhubri magistrate, said that the publishing house published different guide books from Class I to Class X. “They had published already 67 different guidebooks and we seized all the copies. We will find out if the mistake has been repeated in other guidebooks also, then legal action will be taken. Already the proprietor informed us that he published 1,000 copies of Sohoj Byakoron aru Rosona and after getting complain about it, he destroyed 850 copies of it. The remaining 150 copies are out in the market. We are enquiring about the matter,” Barua said.