Dima Hasao Police counsels people against posting derogatory comments

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A Correspondent

Haflong, July 8: Following Thursday’s incident at Mahur, some people were found involved in posting derogatory comments on Facebook which may trigger violence in the society. Dima Hasao police rounded up several persons from Haflong on Friday. All the persons who had posted some derogatory comments regarding the Mahur incident, after prolonged counselling admitted their fault and appealed to the people of Dima Hasao not to get involved in commenting on Facebook without any verification from the authority as this could harm the society seriously.

Additional SP Puspraj Sing, on behalf of the Dima Hasao police appealed to the people not to get involved in posting derogatory comments on Facebook or any other social media site or police would take stern action against the offenders under cybercrime laws. He also requested media persons not to publish anything without proper verification from authentic sources and also to be responsible to the society.