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Discover a New “You”: Rejuve with Sharadi

Nestled in the busy city of Guwahati, Rejuve Aesthetics, a clinical solution provider for skin, hair, dental & slimming related problems and laser treatments, is right there at a prime location in Dispur. Rejuve Aesthetics is Dr. Sharadi Shreemoyee’s baby.

She is the Founder & Consultant- Cosmetologist. A mother of two, Dr. Shreemoyee is an experienced cosmetologist and skin specialist, who wants the northeastern India to experience the benefits of clinical and machine-based treatments to enhance beauty which shines from within. Rejuve Aesthetics isn’t like any spa or beauty parlour. For all the questions popping up in your mind, like what it is all about, what are the services, benefits, etc., you have all the answers in this interaction.

Tell us about Rejuve Aesthetics.

“Rejuve” the word originates from the word rejuvenation that is to rejuvenate you, to renew and refresh you. It’s a multi-specialty aesthetic clinic as I would like to call it because here we have various kinds of services starting from basic skin care services to small skin disease treatments and then up to lasers. We have hair treatments and hair transplants; different kinds of medications; slimming treatments like Cryolipolysis the latest technologies along with that we have a dental clinic as well. We also have tie-ups with plastic surgeons, who come for specific procedures. So it’s basically a multi-specialty aesthetic all-in-one-stop, for all kinds of aesthetic needs so people don’t have to go any other places just to stay healthy.

When I talk about aesthetic medicine, it’s the medicine about enhancing your looks & not only in enhancing but looking healthy and good, it’s about medical cosmetology as we call it. It’s about keeping your skin in a healthy condition or your body in a healthy condition, treating some other hair related or skin-related ailments, hair fall like we see a lot of balding.

Tell us about yourself, in a nutshell.

I have studied in KV -CRPF, Guwahati. I have done my graduation from Assam Medical College, after that I went to Delhi (after getting married), where I pursued Cosmetology and skin. I have worked in Apollo Indraprastha, Delhi and Kaya Clinic.

After spending around 7-8 years in Delhi, we came back to Guwahati. My husband is also a doctor, HOD-Critical Care and Emergency, at Naraina Specialty Hospital, Guwahati. We have two kids.

You’re now a doctor-cum-entrepreneur, and you’re making a new concept foray a new market. It’s a brave act. What led you to start Rejuve Aesthetics here in Guwahati?

Basically, I’m a doctor of skin and cosmetology, so I’ve always been inclined to this subject. When I came back to Guwahati from Delhi I saw that there was no such clinic of this kind of repute although there are some spas and beauty centres, but there are no full-fledged medical clinics so I thought why not have such kind of a facility here as well. Here, we also have a franchise of DHI hair Transplant, which is an international hair transplant group. They have centres all across the world and it’s the only clinic in the entire North East with the facility of DHI hair transplant. We have a franchise with DHI for the hair transplant. DHI deals with hair transplants, and hair growth related services. It is, primarily, a Greece-based company. In India, they have 19 branches, and have 65 clinics across the world (in 36 countries).

Is this your first branch in India? If in future you would like expand, which city are you targeting?
Yes, this is our only branch. See, my idea of bringing Rejuve Aesthetics here is to give the people of North East, whatever they are lagging behind or deprived of in the skin and costmetology sector.

Personally, I’m thinking from the aesthetic medicine point of view. People are scarcely aware or not aware at all about this concept, they know more about the beauty parlors and salons. Outside the northeast and India, the scenario is entirely different as many people are already aware that they need to go to a doctor to enhance their looks. Here, they go to the parlors and spas, and take whatever advice is given. But actually the treatment isn’t happening. Suppose you have a dry and dull look on your face, a massage or a facial are not going to help.

You would need medication or special therapies and treatments, which will replenish whatever you have lost. So, whatever needs to be replenished that has to be done medically. My objective of bringing Rejuve Aesthetics here, is to, firstly, create awareness amongst people so that they also know what it is about and what can be done about it. Therefore, my concern as far as the expansion is concerned; I would like to start off with any other state in the North East itself.

What kind of services Rejuve Aesthetics provides?

See, we start from basic services like Chemical Peeling, which can be done for glow and de-tanning; for treating fine lines and wrinkles; even for acne and other skin issues. Chemical peeling is the process of very minute exfoliation of the dead superficial, pigmented skin and regenerating new and healthy skin and help in reducing the tanning, pigmentation, oiliness of the skin, pimples and even prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

We have different peels to address specific skin requirements: acne peel, pigmentation peel, party peel, glow peel, under eye peel, black/body peel, de- tanning peel and carbon peel. We do different treatments based on different requirements.

We also have another latest technology/ treatment called as Hydrafacial in our bucket, which is another kind of medical facial treatment that we do. It’s a machine based facial, in which there are different modes of therapies. Firstly, we clean up the skin, remove dry-dead cells and all and clean the sebum and whatever oil secretions are there. And, we infuse various kinds of medicine like lactic acid, salicylic acid in to the superficial epidermis and that helps in cleaning up the skin, then the further process follows. Deep cleansing of skin is done using the advance hydra facial technology, which involves deep infusion of liquids into the skin for the cleaning followed by CO2 oxygenation, de-pigmentation, skin tightening with radio-frequency massage and electro-poration. We also offer, “Photo Facial”-Using Q-switched ND-YAG Laser helps to gain instant glow and de-tanning of the face.

Then, we have services for those above 30 or 28 years, we have Vampire facial, which is quite popular Hollywood known as the PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy. In this, your own blood is being used. The stem cells from the blood are injected into the skin helps in rejuvenating the skin, anti aging, heals dryness, etc. The quantity depends on the cases, but on average it varies between 15-18ml. We even apply the same principle for hair growth as well, the stem cells are injected into the root of the hair and that further helps in growth and reduces hair loss.

We also offer “Body Contouring/Slimming” services. Different treatments are included in this: cryolipolysis, radiofrequency & ultrasound, and mesolipolysis technology. “Cryolipolysis” is a noninvasive body contouring treatment used to reduce fat cell volume by freezing.

The method involves controlled application of cooling within the temperature range of -5 to -11 degree celsius for the non-invasive, localized reduction of fat deposits, intending to reshape the contours of the body. The degree of exposure to cooling causes cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue, without apparent damage to the overlying skin. The frozen fat cells eventually break down and get drained out of the body’s lymphatic drainage, resulting in inch loss with every session.

“Radiofrequency and Ultrasound” solutions encompass massage therapy. These two techniques combined results in deep penetration and breakage of fat cells through thermal and ultrasonic waves without any damage to overlying skin leading to break down of cellulite. Mesolipolysis is about the injection of fat dissolving medication to reduce stubborn localized pockets of fat from the areas resisted to treatment.

At Rejuve, we also offer various hair solutions for hair growth & transplantation. The solutions are: Laser for Hair; Hair Loss Treatment; Scalp Micro Pigmentation; Hair Transplantation; and PRP Therapy for Hair Loss. In case of hair transplantation, we use DHI technique, which eliminates the use of scalpels and the best of all the procedures is that it is pain free. We have laser treatments for freckles and pigmentations as well, and dental solutions.

So, a lot of machine based technologies are used, are there any side effects?
No, these are hundred percent safe techniques. In fact, these machines are used worldwide, not only here; people are using them across India and even abroad. These are machine based services, but they are safe and used for normal maintenance.

What are your USPs?
Firstly, Rejuve Aesthetics is a doctor-based service provider, not exactly, a beautician. This is what differentiates us.

At Rejuve, we believe in educating the clients or the patients first, with true knowledge without giving any unrealistic or fancy picture. We don’t believe in selling; hence, it is up to them whether they want to take the services or not -their discretion. This is why whoever comes to us stay happy. Honesty and honest services are more important for me.

We have a wider range of services, all are machine-based. We do hair transplants, and have an association with an International organization DHI for this. Basically, our services extend to skin, hair, laser treatments, dental and slimming, all, under one roof.

What is the composition of your workforce?
Presently, we have 5 people in our center; of them 4 are well-trained technicians. Here, we have all ladies and just one man in the team.

What is the price range of the services?
It starts from as low as INR 1,000-1,500 and rest depends on the client’s or patient’s condition.
For anti-aging treatment, what kind of services do you offer?

We have different solutions for anti-aging. However, it depends on what stage of aging the patient is in. Based on that, we decide. Even if the age range is given, yet the individual lifestyle accounts for the type of skin a patient has. However, it can start from the simple chemical peeling, medi-facials, radio-frequency massages, vampire facial (platelet-rich plasma therapy for rejuvenating and replenishing the skin with stem cells and natural growth factors and delay the process of ageing), botox-fillers for wrinkles, non-surgical face-lifting and so on.
How would you treat acne, pimples & resulting scars?

In case of acne, we need to first find out the root cause. In case of teenage-acne, it’s hormonal, so it will keep coming on and off till the age passes, for an example. We ask them for diet restrictions, especially, restricting the junk food. If it’s too much, then we give antibiotics as medication with some face washes.

Before heading for the treatment, if we find that dandruff is the cause, then we treat the dandruff. If acne is happening in case of a person with older age, then we go for hormonal profiling, especially, in case of women. We get them on some medications to correct that. As far as scars are concerned, there are two types of scars formed due to acne: pigmentation and deep scars. In case of pigmentation, even while having acne, the person should go for the chemical peeling as it prevents the formation of pigmentation, and after that they can also do the chemical peeling to prevent that or to reduce it further.

As far as deep scars are concerned, we follow the micro-needling therapies that help in lightening the scars. It will not do a hundred percent correction, but it can lighten the scars up to eighty percent.

We have a huge proportion of moisture in the air, which makes our skin attract dust particles resulting in discomfort, oily texture, inflammation & so on. Please share a few tips about how to deal with this.

Firstly, both men & women should take care, and clean their face regularly. Acne, pimples, and inflammation happen and develop because of moisture that leads to the bacteria getting deposited on the skin. When they touch their face, they transfer a few bacteria that may damage the skin. Therefore, it is important to keep the skin pores cleaned.
Apply a moisturizing lotion, but when you buy such a lotion from the store, look for a non-comedogenic moisturizer, as it prevents causing skin infection, acne and pimples, because they don’t block the pores. We get whiteheads because of the blocking of the pores, which, when further get infected (due to touching it a lot, and maintaining hygiene), they develop into acne. Some people have an overly secreting sebaceous gland i.e. oily skin, and whatever they do, their skin stays oily. They can opt for simple treatments like chemical peeling, acne peel, etc. It helps in skin conditioning, and open pores can be achieved through micro-needling therapy.

How often they should do it?

Peel and micro-needling can be done once a month.

Needless to say, Rejuve, Dr. Shreemoyee’s baby, is a one-stop-shop for skin, hair and dental treatments.
When you started with this venture, what kind of apprehensions you had?
Uum..of course, when you start something new, you are a bit skeptical as to whether it will work or not as this is a new concept here in the northeast India. However, I got a lot of support from my family (despite of having two kids) and friends, and I still do. This is why; today I can dream and plan to do something bigger.

There have been hurdles, in fact, new hurdles keep coming on the way, but passing through each of them, and you keep moving and adding to your experience.

How would you define the term ‘beauty’?

According to me, beauty is about having a healthy skin. Take care of your health to get beautiful skin, as beauty comes from within. More than make-ups, healthy skin glows better even without make-up.
Rapid Fire:
Favourite book: “Lajja”
Favourite holiday destination: Greece
Leisure Activity: I like to spend a lot of time with my kids, whenever I have time. And, when I’m alone I like to sing and dance
Motto of life: “Live and let live” & “Believe in Yourself”
Where do you see yourself in 5 years down the lane?
I see myself as someone known as the name and face of cosmetology in the northeast.