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Do You Have Fear of Abandonment? (Signs & Ways to Overcome It)

Dr. Magdalena Battles in this article shows the signs of abandonment and different ways to overcome them. What is fear of abandonment? examined research on the topic of fear of abandonment and infidelity and stated the following: People with abandonment issues and lower self-confidence are more likely to cheat. This is obviously not a healthy way of dealing with fear of abandonment.

Signs of fear of abandonment:

People with fear of abandonment can exhibit a variety of behaviors… Below are some signs:
* Feel jealous often.
* Perceive others of the opposite sex as a threat to their relationship.
* Give too much or go overboard in the relationship or Have thoughts about their partner or spouse leaving them.
* Demand unrealistic amounts of time with their significant other.
* Have difficulty in completely trusting their partner or spouse or Look more at the faults in their spouse or partner than positive attributes…

How to handle the fear of abandonment
Recognize that you are worthy of love
The underlying emotional battle with almost all who have fear of abandonment is their feeling that they are not worthy of being love.. stems from abandonment that happened sometime during childhood. The first step in overcoming the fear of abandonment is to recognize that they are worthy of love.

Accept that you are worthy of love.

Everyone is worthy of love. There is no such thing as a perfect person. We all want to love and to feel loved. We all have flaws.

Become emotionally self reliant.

Your identity should never be solely tied to a relationship. It is part of who you are but it is does not define you. Make sure you can embrace these thoughts and know that you can be okay if you were to become single or alone….
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