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Does Speaker have any dress code?

By our Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Feb 27: Does the Speaker of a State Assembly or any of the Parliament Houses have any special dress code? This question needs the right response to resolve a make-or-break situation that arose in the Assam Legislative Assembly today.

Assam Assembly Speaker Hitendra th Goswami was today seemed to be in a casual dress in the House. He was in his paint and full-sleeved T-shirt. He was properly shod.

BPF MLA Kamal rzary asked the Speaker as to why he was in a casual dress while chairing the Assembly. A stunned Goswani just said: “The Speaker of a House doesn’t have any dress code. I like to be in casual dresses. It’s hot today, so I opted not to be in my suit. When I was in my suit, some told me that I’m being obsessed with suit. What I mean is that the dress in the House should be modest enough. I may even come wearing a dhoti to the House.”

rzary was on record saying that some of the legislators even come to the Assembly wearing T-shirts and denim pants. “Is it the right way?” he said.

This Budget session of the State Assembly witnessed some incidents that have no precedents. The incident of making a live telecast of the proceedings of the House in the social media by an MLA, the incident that led the Speaker to impose a ban on coming to the House with mobile phone and the like are still fresh in the minds of the people of the State.    

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