Drug addiction among youth causes concern

LAKHIMPUR, April 29: A section of young generation in Lakhimpur has become drug addicts. This bare and shocking truth was brought to light by the immature death of a promising youth named Priyanku Madhukalya alias Panchajanya, son of Ratul Goswami, resident of Ward No. 8 in North Lakhipur town. Priyanku, who was a software engineer by profession, was found unconscious near North Lakhimpur Civil Hospital (NLCH) with marks of serious injuries on his neck and right part of his face. On that day, he was shifted to Guwahati for better treatment but he breathed his last on the way.
Following his death, one of his uncles lodged an FIR at North Lakhimpur Police Station seeking a proper inquiry into his mysterious death. Launching an operation, police arrested two youth in connection with the incident on April  21. They were identified as Prachurya Borah of Saboti (Chaukham) and Nava Borah of the CD Road of the town. According to the Investigating Officer, on April 16, both of them made Priyanku consume drugs at Prachurya’s house in the evening, but overdose of drugs made him unconscious. Though they tried to bring his consciousness back by applying salt, it did not yield result. Later, they left abandoned him near the NLCH and went away. The Investigating Officer said that the arrested youths admitted their involvement in the death of Priyanku and they further revealed information about the drugs smugglers and consumers of the town.
On the other hand, police sent Prachurya to jail but released Naba, though the names of both youth were mentioned in the FIR lodged by Priyanku’s uncle. At this, the alleged partial role of the police was slammed. It was alleged that Naba was released only because he is the son of a police personnel and his arrest would hurt the image of the police department.
However, bowing down to public pressure and criticism, police arrested Naba on Friday and sent him to jail, but police have initiated no proper steps to trace the drugs peddlers and the consumers of the district. The people of the district have vehemently criticized the lackadaisical attitude of the police department in this regard.
“Though the arrested youths said that drugs are supplied to Lakhimpur from Manipuri Basti of Guwahati, police have not launched any operation to root out the drugs supply and smuggling racket. Police seem to be shrugging off responsibility after arresting the two drug peddlers,” a source said.