Drugs Being Smuggled To Bangladesh Via Assam!



GUWAHATI: Sleuths of the State CID seized a truck with as many as 2,300 phensedyl bottles packed in 23 cartons from a parking lot at Beharbari on the National Highway 37. The development, as CID sources believe, can lead the investigators to a racket that smuggles drugs to Bangladesh.

According to CID sources, the truck (NL01AD2505) that also has a fake number plate reading ZK02BP2736 was seized from Brahmaputra Parking Place on Monday night. The truck was, however, searched on Tuesday, leading to the recovery of phensedyl. The driver of the truck bound for Agartala from Delhi, Rinku Kumar, has been nabbed. One Amondip Singh has also been apprehended on suspicion of his involvement.

Seizure of such drugs is quite common in the State. However, this particular seizure and the route the truck with the consignment was supposed to travel make something special for the CID sleuths from the investigation point of view.
Since the truck was bound for Agartala with the consignment it was to pass through the Karimganj district, a haven for a number of notorious drug Mafiosi. According to the CID, places like Badarpur, Panchgram, Bhaga, Patharkandi and Hailakandi teem with drug Mafiosi.

CID sources further said that from Agartala, drugs are sent to Bangladesh.

Since the State CID is well aware of such racket smuggling drugs to Bangladesh from India, what action has been taken to stop the rot as of now? Will the CID make inroad into the racket and root it out? These are something worth keeping tabs on.