Ending corruption will curb Goa’s drug problem: Kejriwal

Paji, June 28: Ending corruption will elimite proliferation of drugs in Goa, Delhi Chief Minister and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal said on Tuesday, accusing both the Congress and the BJP of corruption. After interacting with the fisherfolk community in Goa, Kejriwal also said that eradicating corruption and saving Goa’s cultural identity were two most crucial needs of the state which goes to polls in early 2017.

“Drugs are there because of corruption. Someone somewhere is accepting bribes to allow drugs being sold. Once corruption is eradicated, we will take strong action against drugs,” Kejriwal said, claiming the AAP would win as many as 35 of the 40 assembly seats in the upcoming polls. “There are two important things in Goa. One is to eradicate corruption. The BJP and Congress are neck deep in corruption.

“And Goa’s culture needs to be saved. It is most important,” he said. Kejriwal, on a three-day visit to the state, also said that like in Delhi, an Aam Aadmi Party government in Goa would try to regularize slums and provide permanent housing for slum dwellers. “God and not human beings provide a roof over the head and daily bread. No human being has the right to stch it. “A government’s job is to provide daily bread. But if you cannot provide it, it has no right to stch it. The AAP government will be a government of the poor.”

The AAP leader said both the Congress as well as the Bharatiya Jata Party were working in tandem and accused both parties of cheating people. “They both fool people together. Both are completely corrupt parties who have looted the people. “People know this now. Earlier they did not have an option. They have it now. And in Delhi, people have seen. “It has been a year and a half and the works we had promised, we are executing them one by one, whether it is in power, slums… We have given pucca houses for slum dwellers.” (IANS)