Flash flood scenario worsens in Dhakuakhona


LAKHIMPUR, July 5: As it has been raining incessantly in the northern part of Assam and the neighbouring State of Arunachal Pradesh these days, the rivers Jiadhol, Kumatiya, Karha and Charikoriya have overflown again in Dhakuakhona subdivision in Lakhimpur district. As a consequence, flash flood caused by the rivers has inundated the previously affected areas under Subansiri Revenue Circle in the subdivision since Wednesday for the second time. In the first wave of flash flood, NC Mohbal and Maji Pathar revenue villages were badly affected. The subdivisional administration established a flood relief camp at Ghilamora Public High School where the affected families have been taking shelter. Rescue operation was carried out by SDRF deploying one machine boat and 26 persons were evacuated. In addition to inundating the residential areas, flood caused by Jiadhol and Kumatiya has submerged the road from Champara left bank to Keseruguri at first kilometre and affected the road from Balahi PWD road to Baliphukuri road. The road from Thana Tiniali to Dighali Gaon has also been submerged which caused seepage at 15 km of the State Highway-22 near Bardoibam Tiniali.

On the other hand, the overflown water of Charikoria river, on Wednesday washed away the cold weather bridge over a canal-cutting of the river connecting Bamchapori and Ghilaguri road, constructed by investing a special fund of Rs. 17.08 lakh allotted by local MLA and minister Naba Kumar Doley. Significantly, the bridge was dedicated for the service of the people a few days ago only.

It is known that the fund was allotted in 2016-17 session and two contractor brothers, Arunabh Choudhury and Pankaj Choudhury, who are close to minister Naba Kumar Doley, got the contract for the construction of the cold weather bridge. The work which started on January 6 of this year was inaugurated by the minister himself and Lakhimpur MP Pradan Baruah together. On seeing the poor quality construction work of the bridge, though the people of Bamchapori, Ghilaguri and Juiyepura villages had protested, the contractors allegedly completed the construction work in the same manner while turning a deaf ear to the pleas of the people. They even allegedly threatened the protesters of lodging complaint against them in the police station. The people demanded a RCC bridge on the spot instead of the cold weather bridge fearing for its longevity. The fear of the people came true and fund of more than Rs 17 lakh has been wasted.