Foreign couple performs Bihu on Golaghat streets

Golaghat, Feb 15: The people of Golaghat town witnessed a unique scene in the busy streets of the town on Wednesday. Two cyclists from France reached Golaghat and they performed traditiol Assamese Bihu dance and songs. The two foreigners recently got married and they were very impressed with the ethnic beauty of Assam and its enriched culture and tradition. After their marriage they came to visit Assam on their bicycles, and cycling through different parts of the State, on Wednesday they reached Golaghat.  The couple wore traditiol Assamese gamosa on their neck and they performed Bihu dance and songs. Also by ringing the bells of their bicycles they made the audience nostalgic by singing one of the all-time hit Assamese songs Mon Hira Doi Cycle Nohoi Tilinga. The French couple said that they were impressed with the rich biodiversity of Assam and the gentle, friendly ture of the people of this land. From Golaghat, they moved to neighbouring State, galand.