Former Deori Autonomous Council chairman joins AGP

From a Correspondent

Dibrugarh, June 16: The former chairman of Deori Autonomous Council (DAC), Birinchi Kumar Deori, along with 70 other members of the Deori community of Madhupur village, on Thursday formally joined the Asom Ga Parishad (AGP) at  a meeting held at the District Committee office of AGP,  Chowkidinghee.

In the meeting chaired by the district president of AGP, Pukan Borua, which was attended amongst others by senior AGP leader Dr Kamini Ranjan Borua, Biju Khan, Putul Sonowal , the newly-inducted members after being  administered oath were welcomed to the party with traditiol phulam gamusa.

Moreover,  the Hilodhoria Mandal Yuva Congress president,  Lithon Bhorali, also joined the regiol party. As per the directions of the High Court, for holding elections in the 18  constituencies of  the council, the district committee  members,  under the direction of the central committee, has geared up for organizing election campaigning in the Deori community-domited areas of Dibrugarh.