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Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf Wanted Covert US role to Get Powers Back

Pervez Musharraf

New Delhi: A shocking and sensational video is doing the rounds on social media that where Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf asking an American group to bring him back to power through covert means so that “terrorism and radical Islam” does not strike the United States.

As per reports, this 29-seconds-long footage recorded using a mobile phone camera is undated and the locations are unclear. It shows former President Musharraf sipping a drink from a disposable plastic cup while listening to a question by a member of the gathering.

It further shows, a member of the group asking the former Pakistani president and military dictator, “what do we have to change so that our money is used in a positive way to protect Americans from terrorism, from radical Islam and from Al-Qaeda. What’s gonna do that for us.”

Replying back to the question, Musharraf prompted and said, “All I’m saying is, I have certain credentials from the past. I need to come to power again and I need to be supported not overtly but in a covert manner so that we win again.”

As per sources, American lobbyist and Chairman of Jewish Congress Jack Rosenhad allegedly organized the meeting between Musharraf and the American group. The video also shows that Dr Nasim Ashraf, former chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board and head of the National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) with the former president.

Meanwhile, the video has gone viral on the Social Media platform and has gathered interesting tweets and reactions on Twitter.