Government focuses on skilling youths for gainful employment

From Our Correspondent

Itagar, Feb 9: Asserting that Aruchal Pradesh should not be left behind while the world is speedily moving towards development, Chief Minister Khandu on Wednesday said that the state government is taking measures and formulating policies to equip the youths towards skill development. Iugurating the Tadar Taniang Hall and unveiling the foundation slab of late Dorjee Khandu at the Don Bosco Youth Centre (DBYC) here, Khandu advised the youths to look for employment in other sectors too instead of looking for government jobs.

The chief minister admitted that though the state has many skilled entrepreneurs, they were lacking of fincial help. To address it, he said, the state government is seriously looking towards measures to convert all turally available resources to revenue. To generate employment and to address the shortages of manpower in administration, Khandu informed that the cabinet has approved for creation of 500 posts to fill up the vacancies.

“It is a historic decision that more than 100 posts of circle officers have been created. This was necessitated as several circle headquarters were non-functiol due to lack of circle officers. This will bring administration at the door step of the people and will bring in development,” the chief minister said. Another major step taken he informed, was to strengthen the Aruchal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) and all jobs recruitment of group B and C to be conducted by the body. He said departmental conduct of exams presented tricky situation for politicians and officers as people come to them with favour for jobs. Under such circumstances and public pressure, the departmental exams become farcical depriving the genuine candidates. “This is the system we have created. It needs to be abolished and such loopholes closed,” asserted the chief minister and stated that it requires a change in policies and mindset. He hoped that with the decision taken to change in recruitment rules, it would encourage students to work hard and sense of competition will prevail.

Khandu also focused on skilling as important step towards meeting youth employability. He informed that land reforms are being initiated to facilitate ease of investment. “Under the new reform, the land holders will decide the type of investment by pooling in the suitable investors. The state government will only act as the mediator between land holders and the investors so that both are secured in their own end,” he disclosed. “Also investors are keen on investing on skill training programmes to cut down cost of bringing in skilled workers from outside the state,” Khandu said and informed that soon a suitable minister or parliamentary secretary would be offered the additiol charge of skill development.

Promising to work for all 60 constituencies without any party biasness, the chief minister said “We want to give equal importance to all 60 constituencies. Though some PPA MLAs may feels they are left out, but they are no different from us. Government funding will be equally distributed in all constituencies.”