Government of Meghalaya Ordered The Preparation of Electoral Rolls

Electoral Rolls

Shillong: In exercise of the powers conferred under rule 129 of Assam and Meghalaya Autonomous Districts (Constitution of District Councils) Rules, 1951, as amended, the Government of Meghalaya has ordered the preparation of electoral rolls of every constituency of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council and Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council in accordance with the aforesaid rules and as per the calendar specified in the schedule, for the purpose of holding general elections, 2019 for re-constitution of the said Councils on the expiration of the present duration thereof.
Publication of draft Electoral Roll {Rule 129 (1)} on 12.01.2019, last date for filing claims and objections {Rule 129 (3)} on 22.01.2019, disposal of claims and objections {Rule 129 (3)} on 26.01.2019 and publication of Final Electoral Roll {Rule 129 (4)} on 30.01.2019. This was informed by the Commissioner & Secretary to the Government of Meghalaya, District Council Affairs Department.