Heavy rainfall causes flood

Our Correspondent
Silchar, May 6: The town has been lashed with heavy rains since last night. The heavy downpour has flooded the streets with knee-deep water. It has become hard for vehicles and pedestrians to move around the town. Important places of the town were submerged under water. Ambicapatty, Church road, Shillongpatty, Rangirkhari, Link road, Sonai road, Bilpar, Saratpalli, Rabindra Sarani, Shibajinagar, National Highway point, C R Avenue, Malugram, College road, Subhash Nagar, Tarapur and Satsang Ashram road have been submerged under water. People are complaining about poor drainage system.  The incessant rains have no doubt cooled down the temperature, but it has made it difficult for people to lead normal lives.
 Auto-drivers and rickshaw-pullers find it extremely difficult to even drive. The tyres remain submerged. The main roads have been submerged under water. The pitiable condition of the road needs no explanation. The problem of water-logging has been affecting the Valley for a long time. The issue needs to be addressed at the earliest so that the residents do not have to face this problem every now and then. A number of streets of the town have been lashed with heavy rains for the couple of days. The problem of water logging is not new to the residents of the town.
 People have been complaining about poor drainage system. The denizens of the town are facing a lot of problems. This problem has to be addressed at the earliest so that the residents do not have to face this problem during such seasons. Filthy and grimy drain water gets mixed up with rain water, thus flooding the streets. Stagnated areas at various places of the town are a common sight during the monsoons. Heavy rains triggering water logging is a common phenomenon here. If drainage system is not improved at the earliest then denizens will have to face the problem of water logging for a long time.
 This problem should be mitigated as soon as possible as road users have to face problems during monsoons. These sights are not new for the people of Silchar. The memories of July 2004 and September 2007 floods still haunts the denizens of the people of this town. However, at the time of filling of the report, water logging at many places has subsided. Residents of those areas have heaved a sigh of relief.