Homage ceremony of Kajir Ronghangpi observed in Hamren

Kajir Ronghangpi

A Correspondent

Hamren: The 8th homage ceremony of Kajir Ronghangpi was observed at Kohora in Duarbagori constituency on Wednesday. The programme was organized by the Arts and Cultural department of KAAC. KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang along with Deputy Speaker KAAC Ritesh Enghi and EMs attended the function. Floral tribute was paid by KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang along with his colleagues.

KAAC CEM Ronghang inaugurated the construction of the main entrance gate along with boundary wall of the Kajir Ronghangpi Memorial Park at Kohora. CEM Ronghang also inaugurated construction of Kohora New Guest House-cum-IB Kohora IB Soil Conservation Division at Kohora under Duarbagari constituency in the presence of Deputy Speaker of KAAC, Ritesh Enghi and several EMs of KAAC like Prodeep Rongpi, Mongol Sing Timung and Rupsing Teron. The KAAC team led by CEM Tuliram Ronghang also visited the Kaipholangso Waterfalls.


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