Household waste bins distributed

Shillong, Feb 14:  As part of the implementation of Solid Waste Magement Project under Swachh Bharat Mission in Tura, Parliamentary Secretary, in charge Urban Affairs Noverfield R Marak distributed household waste bins at Akonggre Secondary School in Tura today. Speaking on the occasion, Marak said, “It is the duty and responsibility of every citizen to keep our houses, surroundings and our town clean. Moreover, he advised the people to make the environment greener so as to protect ourselves from harmful effects of global warming.” While enlightening the people about his earlier association with the group working for preservation of the environment Marak said that cleanliness is a collective responsibility and seeks the cooperation of the people in order to ensure a clean and healthy environment for the citizens as well as future generations. During the programme, Silchi R Marak, an Architect who is pursuing masters in Urban Designing at College of Architecture, Guwahati, Assam explained in detail about the importance of community participation in segregation of waste which should start from one’s own family while Paul Lokho, Community Development Specialist, Consultant to State Investment Programme Magement and Implementation Unit (SIPMIU) made a power point presentation about the “Best Practices of Solid Waste Magement: Segregation at Source”. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), TMB, S B Marak said that the Government has initiated steps for improving the Solid Waste Magement practices in Tura town for which the general public should assist to help the town achieve the desired goal. For magement of solid waste, two waste bins – the green ones meant for bio-degradable and the blue ones meant for non bio-degradable waste were also distributed to each household of Akonggre locality by Marak and other dignitaries present at the function. Before distribution, information and leaflets were provided to the residents on segregation of waste materials.