“If you are coming to Bengal, you have to speak in Bengali”, says a defiant Mamata Didi

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Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee seems to be up with new controversies every day. She, in her outspoken nature, has once again made another declaration. Making another verbal attack on the opposition, she has declared that if one wants to stay in Bengal then it is mandatory for him to speak Bengali.

With the doctors’ strike getting even bigger and reaching the national level support, the quick-tempered CM is finding it really tough to handle law and order in her state. As she has already failed in taming the doctors and have seen that they are not ready to call their protest off, she is finding no way out but to make another attack on her opposition BJP. She is of this opinion that the strike by the doctors is a result of BJP’s support and an effort of the political party to influence in her state using “politics of riots”.

Speaking at a rally in North 24 Paraganas district, Didi said, “We have to bring Bangla (language) forward. When we go to Delhi, we speak in Hindi. When we go to Punjab, we have to speak in Punjabi. I do it. When I go to Tamil Nadu, I don’t know the Tamil language but I know a few words.”

She added, “If you are coming to Bengal, you have to speak in Bengali. We would not allow that people will come from outside and beat up Bengalis.”

Banerjee, while saying this, is actually launching an attack on BJP’s use of Hindi language in all Indian states. The use of Hindi language has already been denied by the South Indian political parties. DMK and the PMK have said it yesterday that the order made by Southern Railways asking people to communicate in either English or Hindi is “destruction of a language (Tamil)”.

The Prime Minister of the nation, Narendra Modi too is attacked by the TMC chief who is of the opinion that he is the one responsible for doing politics with the West Bengal doctors. She says he is trying to create the same culture of violence and riot in West Bengal that he created in Gujarat.


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