Imposter allegedly pockets Rs 23.5 lakh as compensation for four-lane road project

From a Correspondent

JORHAT, June 15: The Land Acquisition (LA) branch of the Jorhat district administration under Additiol Deputy Commissioner Pradip Das, entrusted to clear compensation of those people whose land has been acquired for the four-lane road project, has once again shot to the limelight after one Pradip Puzari lodged an FIR before the Superintendent of Police stating that an imposter in the me of an already expired person, Ganesh Sharma, maged to siphon off Rs 23,78,958 lakh by producing false and fabricated documents with direct help from government officials and thus depriving the grandson of his rightful share and compensation.

In the FIR, Pradip Puzari stated, “My grandfather Ganesh Sharma during his lifetime was the owner and in possession of a plot of land measuring 2K-14 L covered by Dag no 1684 & PP no 49 at Parbotia gaon near the Shiv Mandir opposite NEIST. After his death my mother Puniprabha Puzari inherited the land. But recently I came to know that one person who identified himself as Ganesh Sharma Tamuli, claimed to be Ganesh Sharma in collaboration with some government officers, and took way almost Rs 23.5 lakh from the DC office using forged documents. NRC 1966 records show Ganesh Sharma Tamuli is the son of late Sidheswar Tamuli and in the PAN card deposited at the LA office it is shown that Ganesh Sharma Tamuli is the son of late Dinoth Tamuli, besides depositing an affidavit dated May 19, 2015 mentioning that Ganesh Sharma Tamuli, Ganesh Tamuli and Ganesh Sharma Tamuli are the same person.”

“Whereas in the indemnity bond dated March 23, 2015, he put his sigture as Ganesh Tamuli and was identified by Ajoy Borthakur and Horendra th Bonia. Even in the voter I.D card, his me is Ganesh Tamuli and as per his bank pass book account number 50185910095 of Allahabad Bank, his me is Ganesh CH Tamuli. The village headman Mohendra Borah Kalita had also furnished different documents, first stating Ganesh Sharma to have expired and after four months mentioned Ganesh Sharma to be the son of late Dinoth Sharma and is alive. Another certificate issued in March stated Ganesh Sharma Tamuli to be the son of late Dinoth Sharma Tamuli and further clarified that Ganesh Sharma Tamuli is the absolute owner of land, PP No 49 and Dag no 1684 and is entitled for four lane compensation,” said Pradip Puzari.

ADC (LA) Pradip Das, SDC West Revenue Circle, Utpal Doley, Ganesh Sharma Tamuli, Ajay Borthakur, Horendra th Bonia, Mohemndra Borah Kalita (Gaon Bura), Lachit Bora (Lat Mondol) have been accused in the FIR of indulging in an illegal act of forging documents and subsequently releasing the money in the me of the imposter Ganesh Sharma Tamuli.

Reacting to the FIR, SDC Utpal Doley said, “Once again they have tried to malign my me. I sign hundreds of documents everyday pertaining to land documents, besides additiolly looking after DRDA as Project Director. It is humanly impossible to keep verifying each and every document presented before me for approval. The sole responsibility lies on the Lat Mondol who visits sites, does ground work, prepares report and furnishes it to me for the authority sigture. Secondly, the document then goes to the office of the ADL (LA). It is his responsibility to call for a hearing even at the slightest suspicion and take statement in record before releasing the compensation. Thereafter, there is a revenue appeal board where an aggrieved person can complain and reclaim the compensation by proving authentication. Even after that if he/she is not satisfied then there is a court of appeal. But even then people keep lodging FIRs to malign us. We are here to help and not to mislead people. In this case the Lat Mondol and the ADC (LA) should be the main persons to be questioned and not me.”