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Income Tax Dept. issues strict advisory against salaried taxpayers filing inaccurate returns

The Department of Income Tax (IT) on 18th April 2018 alerted salaried persons who pay tax against using unfair means while filing returns for income tax. It was further made clear that violators would be prosecuted and their employers will be informed to take stringent action against them.

The Central Processing Committee of the IT Department in Bengaluru has issued a cautionary advisory stating that taxpayers should not fall prey to dishonest tax advisors who help people in filing wrong Income Tax Returns (ITR) to evade tax and get tax benefits. The advisory also states that people who commit such offence are punishable under various provisions of the Income Tax Act.

The advisory comes in the wake of a recent fraud that was unearthed in January. A Bengaluru based company called Bellweather Information Technology was engulfed in a tax fraud case that was taken up by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

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