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‘Indian citizenship to B’deshi Hindus will spark bloodbath’


GUWAHATI, April 28: Granting Indian citizenship to Bangladeshi Hindus as proposed in the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 will spark another bloodbath in Assam, warned the Sadou Asom Jatiya Swahid Pariyal Samannayrakhi Parishad.
Addressing the media in Guwahati on Saturday, Parishad president Rajen Deka and secretary Chandrakanta Talukdar said that the Bill cannot be allowed to get its passage at any cost. They said that granting such illegal migrants Indian citizenship and allowing them to settle in Assam is tantamount to blithe disregard to the sacrifice made by 855 martyrs during the historic Assam Agitation. “If the government grants Indian citizenship to these foreigners the situation in Assam will go beyond control. There will be another bloodbath in Assam,” Deka said. 
The duo said that as the NRC update work has been carried far forward based on the Assam Accord, all foreigners entering Assam from Bangladesh after March 24, 1971 should be deported to their homeland regardless of their religions. To stop further infiltration into the State from Bangladesh, the porous India-Bangladesh border should be sealed, they added. 
The Parishad also appealed to the State Government to rehabilitate the kith and kin of the martyrs, besides those who suffered injuries during the Assam Agitation. 
The Parishad expressed its displeasure over the fact that although the State Government had announced on earlier occasions to pay a sum of Rs 2 lakh each to make them get their wounds healed, it has not been released so far. They have appealed to the government to keep its own promise.