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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Congratulates Pakistan’s Imran Khan On his Victory

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today spoke to Imran Khan, who is all set to become Pakistan’s next Prime Minister, and he hoped that democracy will take deeper and strong roots in the neighbouring country. He congratulated the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan, for his allies emerged as the largest political party in the National Assembly there in the recent elections. According to sources, Modi made a telephone call to Imran Khan and congratulated him for his victory in the elections and expressed hope that democracy will take deeper roots in Pakistan.

Khan had said that he will take oath as the prime minister on August 11, according to a media report. His party announced on Monday that it has acquired enough seats in the lower house through coalition talks to form a majority government.

After claiming victory in the elections, which is bitterly fought, Khan had indicated that he would offer an olive branch (peace) to India and also suggested that the two neighbouring countries should resolve all the issues towards the Kashmir.

 Khan said in a televised speech from his house near the capital Islamabad, “God has given me a chance to come to power to implement that ideology which I started 22 years ago, I really want to fix our ties with India, where you will take one step forward and we will take two.”

“I think it will be very good for all of us if we have good relations with India. We need to have trade ties, and the more we will trade, both the countries will have benefit. The unfortunate truth is that Kashmir is a core issue, and the situation in Kashmir, and what the people of Kashmir have seen in the last 30 years they have really suffered.”

“We are ready to enter into a new era of relations with Pakistan, Narendra Modi said, both the countries should adopt a joint strategy for progress in bilateral ties, whereas the PTI Chairman thanked the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his good wishes.


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