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Irani frowns at poor performance



From a news published in the front page of your esteemed daily (The Sentinel, June 12) under the headline ‘Irani frowns at poor performance’, it emerges that like most other departments of the government of Assam all is not well with the Social Welfare Department. Union Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani in her short visit to Assam on June 11 reviewed the progress made by the department in the Chief Minister’s residence with the minister concerned Primala Rani Brahma and her bureaucrats. To their dismay, Smriti Irani found that the functioning of the department is terribly slow, particularly in implementing important schemes like ‘Poshan’ and ‘Matru vandana yojana’. Primala Rani Brahma, the minister concerned, tried her best to proffer her ‘safai’ behind registering a poor 5% progress, but the frowning of the Union Minister was all pervasive when she said that ‘all other states made satisfactory progress in implementing the said two schemes’. Another report aired by the electronic media suggests that Primala Rani Brahma, while explaining reasons behind the delay, did not forget to mince matter about the scams that rocked the department. The Union minister specified a time limit within which the schemes have to be implemented. This is the happy situation prevailing in the State Government’s departments.

Ashok Bordoloi,