Jayalaltihaa’s death unexpected, no conspiracy: Doctors

Cheni, Feb 6: London-based doctor Richard Beale, who treated Tamil du Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa until she died in December, on Monday ruled out any “conspiracy” behind her death. Addressing the media here, Beale said: “There was no conspiracy. She (Jayalalithaa) had severe infection. She had supportive care.”

Ahead of AIADMK General Secretary V.K. Sasikala being sworn in as Chief Minister, the Tamil du government organised the media meet involving Beale and doctors from Apollo Hospitals to clear the air surrounding the death of Jayalalithaa.

Beale said Jayalalithaa, who headed the AIADMK, was diagnosed with sepsis bacteria in blood. He said people with sepsis become unwell in hours or days.

He said sepsis and diabetes led to Jayalalithaa’s death, which he added was “totally unexpected” as she seemed to be recovering at one stage.

Beale said the issue of taking Jayalalithaa to London for treatment was discussed but was not taken forward as she was against it as the necessary medical facilities were available here.

He said the idea of exhuming Jayalalithaa’s body for post-mortem was ridiculous. Although a Hindu, Jayalalithaa was buried at the Mari beach at an event attended by tens of thousands of mourners.

According to Tamil du government doctor P. Balaji, the total bill for treating Jayalalithaa came to Rs 5-5.5 crore. “I am told the bill has been given to the family members of Jayalalithaa.”

According to Babu K. Abraham, Respiratory Medicine Specialist at Apollo Hospitals where she died, Jayalalithaa suffered cardiac arrest around 5 p.m. on December 5.

She was given cardiopulmory resuscitation (CPR) for 20 minutes. He said as there was no heart rhythm, Jayalalithaa was put on ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygetion) which would take 24 hours to show result.

Abraham said it was a collective medical decision comprising of all doctors who had treated Jayalalithaa including the doctors from AIIMS, New Delhi, that it was futile to continue with ECMO. A decision was taken to remove ECMO after informing Jayalalithaa’s family. According to Beale, a range of tests had to be done when a patient is put on ECMO.

He said in Jayalalithaa’s case, it became obvious there was no response. Queried about Jayalalithaa’s last moments, Abraham said the late Chief Minister had told a doctor that she was feeling breathless.

Abraham said Jayalalithaa was on the road to recovery at one stage. She was able to take a few steps and had resumed talking.

He said Jayalalithaa was in hospital for 75 days and for 25 days she was under sedation. He said government officials and Sasikala were briefed on Jayalalithaa’s health daily.

Questioned whether Tamil du Governor Ch. Vidyasagar Rao met Jayalalithaa in the hospital, Balaji said he did so during his second visit. “Jayalalithaa showed him a thumbs up sign,” Balaji said. The doctors said no part Jayalalithaa’s body was amputated. According to the doctors, normal embalming process was followed after Jayalalithaa’s death. (IANS)