KHADC Chairman questions KHCF


SHILLONG, Feb 20: Former KHADC Chairman Manstudy Nongrem during the question hour on the first day of the Council session on Monday questioned whether the Khasi Heritage Conservation Forum (KHCF) had submitted the detailed expenditure report incurred during the recent Monolith festival to the Council.

In reply to the question raised by Nongrem, KHADC CEM P N Syiem said, “No we have yet to receive the report.”

Stating that the Festival was budgeted for Rs. 40 lakhs, Nongrem said, “However through new papers we learned that the total expenditure amounts to Rs. 4 crores and it’s surprising that till today the detail report has yet to be received by the Council.”

“How much money did the KHADC give to KHCF,” he questioned.

To this, Syiem said, “At the moment I don’t want to comment much into this matter let the report come and if there is a need to place the report in the KHADC website also we will place it.”

On the news paper reports, he said, “We have yet to get clarification so I can’t say it’s true or not until the report is submitted by KHCF.”

Nongrem further said “The report of expenditure on the festival in 2013 and now 2016 has also yet to be received when will the EC, give the report.”

In reply the CEM said, “We have received the report of 2013 and we will place it on the second day of the KHADC session.”

In a supplementary question, Nongkrem MDC H S Shylla question whether it true that the Council had issued loan amounting to Rs. 35 lakhs towards KHCF to which the CEM replied by saying that “It will be included in the inquiry report and everything will be discussed.”

Syiem added, “The Monolith festival belongs to the KHADC however KHCF is only a body constituted for the purpose of raising funds from other sources.”

Unsatisfied by the answer given by the CEM, Shylla reiterated his question by saying that has the EC given a loan of Rs. 35 lakhs or not to KHCF while asserting that the question need only a reply of Yes or No.

To which the CEM replied, “Yes, the KHADC has give a loan but everything will be reflected in the inquiry report.”

Mawlai MDC P T Sawkmie said, “As per my information at the secretary level had written twice to the forum to submit the details on expenditure however there has not been any response.”

He questioned “Why is the EC protecting the Forum and why is the EC afraid in submitting the report till today?”

Replying to the question, KHADC Chief said, “We are not afraid to submit the report but when KHCF has yet to submit any report how will, we be able to place it.”

Reacting to the reply by the CEM, Sawkmie said, “When the CEM has not given any instruction to the Forum then who will submit.”