KLO renews quit notice to Bengali migrants, Hindi speaking people

 From our Correspondent

KOKRAJHAR, Feb 11: In a repeated warning, the chairman of the Kamatapu Liberation Organization (KLO), Jiban Singha Koch said the Hindu-Bengali and Hindi-speaking people must leave Kamatapur by March 31, 2017. He also informed that the organization observed the 507th birthday of Bir Chilarai on Friday in the headquarters of the outfit. This was informed by Koch through e-mail.

Koch said Chila Ray was a great warrior and an accomplished scholar of Koch-Kamatapur kingdom, comparable to poleon Boparte or Shivaji. He reminded the countrymen that Chilarai carried on successfully his struggle to defend and strengthen the Koch-Kamatapur kingdom and he was, therefore, called ‘Sangram Singh’. Moreover, he enriched Koch-Kamatapur in all aspects, like economy and culture.

“Nowadays the Kamatapuri people are afflicted with a lot of problems, our tiol identity and existence are facing a great threat and a large number of illegal Bengali migrants continue to capture our land. We have become homeless, rather landless labourers of these illegal migrants. We, the Kamatapuri people, once an absolute majority ruling our own kingdom, have now been margilized in number and power, political, economic and social, in our own ancestral homeland,” he said adding that their people should come forward against the aggression of Bengali immigrants.

The chairman of the KLO said the organization, along with NLFT and PDCK, had called upon the illegal migrants (Bengali and Hindi-speaking) to quit their land and gave a deadline- March 31, 2017. He also called on all Kamatapuri people to join the struggle in order to restore their sovereignty and independence. He also said that everybody should follow the principles of Bir Chilarai and join the struggle for their tiol identity and existence.