London packed with protesters

London, May 13: Tens of thousands of workers and their families gathered in London to demand higher wages and better working conditions in the public and private sectors as part of a march organized by trade unions. With colourful posters and catchy slogans, the “A New Deal for the Working Class” organised by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) made its way from Victoria Embankment to Hyde Park on Saturday, reports Efe. In the West End park there were speeches by union leaders and politicians, including the head of the opposition Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn, who said that if he should be elected to govern, he will create a department to defend workers’ rights. According to a report shared by the Congress, the UK was suffering its worst wage squeeze in 200 years, with workers receiving on average 24 pounds ($32.51) less per week than in 2008 and salaries not expected to recover to pre-economic crisis levels until 2025. (IANS)